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Face of the new French techno scene, Charles André knownCharles Fenckler is taking the world bystorm,releasing hits after hits on the prestigious Scottish imprint, Soma Records.Cumulating millionsof plays on Youtube and Spotify, his own «Stellar Acid», «Frozen Room» and «District Two» have gained acontinous support from the likes of Dax J, Perc, Amélie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Ben Klock, Len Faki, ChrisLiebing, Slam, Tommy Four Seven, Nastia, Rebekah or Bas Mooy to name a few.Many were surprized of his path as he first knew success as aprofessionnal football player in the FranceU17 teambut Charles reoriented himself into music, demonstrating his powerful mind to commit to hisreal passion. His debut album«Diving From The Void» was then the chance to show his «rare maturity»with a «classy collection of music»(Mixmag) that enabled him to travel the globe, showcasing his DJingskills from Paris to Montreal, including Manchester, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Brussels...After two years of touring for «Diving From The Void», Charles is now back in studio and ready to reachnew audiences counting on hisinimitable talent for producing.Not to mention his style is recognizedamong millions andnever fail to gather compliment, so has proven his recent EP «Distant Light» whichechoed through the whole techno community.


We could read on social media «playing it ever since it wasreleased and that’s a bomb everytime» (Shlomo), «this is the bomb track of the year» (Charlotte de Witte)or «Killer release I always carry in my bag» (Remco Beekwilder).Sounds likethe Frenchman likes to get himself noticedand we can bet we’ll hear lots more of him inthe upcoming months

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