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Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi- instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest for electronic music and started to experiment with new live techniques. The solo project of Giorgia Angiuli stylistically moves between pop, techno and house. She uses her voice to create a dreamy dimension intensified by the use of unique toy instruments. During her set she combines keyboards, drum pad and theremin with the sounds of a toy flute, sax, trumpets and many other toys. Mixing all of these samples and loops she shapes a vibrating and energetic groove that sets the dance floor on fire.
From 2013 to the present Giorgia has had success releasing on some of the biggest labels, Stil vor Talent, Crosstown Rebels, Kindisch, Kevin Saunderson’s legendary techno KMS, Harry Klein, Einmusika, Systematic and Suara to name few. In 2018 she released her EP “No Body No Pain” and in the on the 23rd of November 2018 her debut album ‘In a Pink Bubble’, both on the label Stil Vor Talent. Her album “In A Pink Bubble” gained worldwide the attention of the press. A long series of premieres, articles and reviews followed this release. The album received positive reviews on Dj Mag Spain with 9.5/10 and on the German Faze Magazin with 10/10. Other articles were published on Dj Mag UK/worldwide, TRAX (France), Dj Mag Italy, Magnetic Magazine (USA), Electronic Groove, Attack Magazine (UK), Dj Mag (Mexico), Wired (Italy), Soundwall (Italy), LIFO (Greece), ClubbingSpain (Spain), on the Brazilian DJ Mag, Phouse, House Mag and on Radionica (Colombia)
When it comes to touring the globe, Giorgia is no stranger to the club scene.

In 2018 Giorgia was touring US for the first time, she could play gigs at Output in New York with Kink, Great Northern in San Francisco, Union in Los Angeles, Spybar in Chicago, Treehouse in Miami, at the official afterparty of Movement Festival in Detroit with Maceo Plex, at The Fairmount in Montreal.

Giorgia will be touring South America and USA for the 3rd time in October 2019, an incredible tour that will see her performing at clubs like La Feria in Santiago de Chile, La Estacion in Cordoba, Quinta Las Rosas in Mendoza, Warung Beach in Itajai, Space in Miami, Spay Bar in Chicago, Coda in Toronto. She will also perform at festivals like Resistance in Montevideo, Cityfox Halloween in New York and Rio Electronic Music in Buenos Aires.

As the years have passed Giorgia has increased her profile and visibility with her engaging online presence, it is no wonder every video she posts goes viral receiving thousands or millions of plays. For a small town girl from Puglia, now residing in Florence, this classically trained musician turned live electronic act is just getting started, so sit back and enjoy what’s to come!

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