Hobo Noise



Techno /

Acid Techno

Völd Records

Hobo Noise is a French Dj Producer and Director.

Baptiste would have been born on a planet still unknown to this day. He began self-taught production, as well as digital and vinyl mixes of his younger age.

Create his own clip and scenic universe.


Hidden behind his mask for his lives, he produced his first experimental show in 2014 at the Expressifs of Poitier, he then evolved to face discovered in a human form as a DJ in club in Chamonix (Amnesia, Bunker Club, Monkey Bar)

In his recording studio based in Haute Savoie (Völd Records), he works with various artists, men and women, always in search of perfect equity in his environment.


His Dj set and Productions heterogeneous make his reputation, that of a multidisciplinary artist in his demanding and pointed universe. Techno, Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Drones …

Then takes a radical turn in 2015, his meeting with Enlin and Kosme, his future mentor!

In 2019, Hobo Noise released a remix of John Beltran "In Static".

on the label "wewillalswealbealovesong"

In 2017, he produced the sound identity for the clothing brand "La Canadienne"

He has now finished the production of his remix "Hurt Me Harder" for Mila Dietrich.


(Völd Records)


Hobo Noise also works in the shadow of different artists;

we will see him perform live in 2020 in an audiovisual performance in production with a troupe that looks surprising!


It is the beginning of a beautiful career for this young man of great sensitivity; motivated and determined.

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