Napoli, Italy


AnalyticTrail, MKT Rec

"Markantonio is one of the most leading and renewed djs of the International techno scene. Flagship of Naples circuits, Markantonio starts playing with decks since he was fifteen; only four years later his talent explode in the beating planet at the feet of Vesuvius! So, in late 90’s Markantonio’s name spread around and enter the most exciting parties of Naples while record labels like Recycled Loops, Shake rec, Tortured, Conform, Superbra, get very fascinated by his tracks. In 1999, the ep “Fried Mix” in cooperation with Davide Squillace marks his official entrance into the music world and later soon comes “Appendix A”, the first record produced on Southsoul Appendix label.
Markantonio has a special music taste, always careful about techno universe changing’s. His performances convey a rare energy made of a soft fusion of high bpm beats and acid funky, which create shrill grooves and bass lines. One of his attitudes is the use of three decks together with his talent for a strong alteration of the sound in his rhythmic combinations, likewise, the ability to smooth down any melody element, through a clever use of the mixer Xone 92."

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