St Etienne France



Family Piknik / Récits de Mars

Electronic French DJ-producer - ex Bloody Shelby, half of Jules & Moss. I launched my new alter-ego PONTIAS early 2019. Emerging from the grey working city of Saint-Etienne in France, I've always conceptualized my music as an infinite pattern of textures and mixed sounds. I love to see people dance but I also love producing electronica-infused odysseys. My track 'BRO' has been heavily supported by H.O.S.H, I've remixed WhoMadeWho, signed to Family Piknik, Récit de Mars and Ombra International. Many releases are already in the pipeline for 2020, including my first studio album as Pontias... Stay tuned, I should be able to surprise you !

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+33 (0)68 89 20 761