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Robert Reuss aka Suspect One from Switzerland is a madly talented newcomer in the Techno & House music scene. Since the first contact with electronic music his heart is beating in the 4/4 rhythm. He found the way to express him self by creating sounds all the way from pumping Minimal/Techno beats up to finest Deep and House Music never without his recognition value.


Since 2007 he focused on producing modern electronic music with great passion and found his very own style of bringing techno and house to the next level. With his fresh and dazzling presence he catches ones attention with the first beat and there is no holding back. Cooking crowds – filled dancefloors and finest electronic music. You see that – you found him! Several of Suspect One`s releases have already hit the charts. So stay tuned and don’t get caught. With this new Techno Project, Robert wants to deliver a new atmosphere. 

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+33 (0)68 89 20 761